Wildlands Unit

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Our Wildlands Unit offers the most advanced firefighting package in a compact design.
Our ATR Units can be fully customized to fit your department's needs.
Take a look at the rugged Wildlands Unit packed with the following features:

ATR Firefighting Body

• Manufactured with thick 1/8" Aluminum using only the best grade stainless steel hardware
• Resilient Powder Coated Body is more durable than paint
• Spacious 9 cu. ft. Storage Compartment is easily accessible
• 8 sq. ft. of open bed space for easy operator movement
• Patient Platform with provisions for Stokes Basket
• May be purchased separately to fit other UTV brands and models
• Stylish 1/8" Aluminum Tread Plate Side Skirts and Rear Bumper (Optional)

100 Gallon Integral Water Tank

• 4" Gate Valve for Quick Water Evacuation will remove 800 lbs. of water payload in less than 30 seconds
• Allows operator to go from firefighting to rescue quickly
• 4" Fill Tower allows easy access for filling up

5 Gallon Integral Foam Tank

• At 1% Foam Mixture, you can deplinish the 100 Gallon Water Tank 5 times before having to refill the Foam Tank
• Allows for 150 minutes of continuous spraying before having to refill the foam tank

Hydraulically Driven CAT Pump Fire Suppression System

• Maximum Flow of 4.2 GPM with a 100-2200 PSI Pressure Range
• Handheld Wand with multiple spray pattern to combat a variety of fire environments
• Fire resistant wand supply hose for high heat situations
• Capable of supplying 30+ minutes of fire fighting with Wildlands Body kit
• If your tractor is running, there's no need for a 2nd engine to fight fire which provides you with a smaller package for your vehicle
• You won't need gas because there isn't another engine which also removes risk of refilling gas in a fire environment
• Hydraulics work at any angle, gas engines will shut off once reaching a certain angle
• Easy Access to the Hydraulic Ports which are capable of flowing 6.0 GPM at 2000 PSI for easy adaption to many tooling applications

Heavy Duty Custom Fabricated Front Bumper with Winch

• Brush Guard and recessed LED Lighting
• Winch Package features a 3000 lb pull capacity Warn Winch with Handheld Remote and Bumper Mounted Fairlead

Custom Top with Overhead Electrical Control Center

• We offer an 1/8" Aluminum Diamond Plate Top or 1/8" Aluminum Powder Coated Aluminum Top
• Control Center offers easy access to Emergency Lighting System and Siren

Modular Tool Rack

• Can be equipped in any way to fit your department's needs
• Various tools can be mounted such as shovels, rakes, and chainsaws

9-Piece LED Emergency Lighting System Supplied by Whelen Engineering including Siren

Built on a Kubota RTV900 4WD Utility Vehicle

• 3-Cylinder, 4 Cycle Diesel OHV 55 cu. in. Engine
• 22 HP @ 3200 RPM
• 25 mph (40km/h) Top Speed
• 1600 lb Maximum Payload
• VHT (Variable Hydro Transmission)
• Kubota Acrylic Windshield for Driver Protection (Optional)
• Front Features (Click to download pdf)
• Rear Features (Click to download pdf)
• Specifications (Click to download pdf)

Alloy Rims

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